By Godfrey Ishegbe

In the middle of an ever-fluctuating financial sector, and big questions about the future of online banking, fintech, cryptocurrency, and more, financial institutions are exposing themselves to higher and higher risks of financial crime.


Alongside the rapid technological advancements and progress in the field, 2GoCash a Fintech startup is set to provide innovative and revolutionary online services for Africans. This is bound to connect the African and immigrant communities with the entire world and dispel all limitations facing the digital banking sector.


2GoCash also aims to keep all limiting factors at bay and keep clients safe from fraud and Money laundering. It’s no secret that the rate of fraud/money laundering is on the rise even though online banking, Fintech and e-commerce are on the rise as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the rapid advancements in technology to solve financial challenges.


Therefore, according to a TransUnion survey, 40% of consumers with a financial account said they are using digital platforms more due to COVID-19.


Additionally, since financial services are slow to adopt new technologies, this leaves them with fewer options to combat fraud and protect customers. Even though over 45% of financial services institutions have invested considerably into technology over the past year, according to the Global Banking and Finance Review, it is clear how valuable technology is to the space.


2GoCash can help fight financial crime with our full-stack AML and KYC solution. The KYC process is extremely important and necessary to many financial services providers and enables these businesses to avoid exposing themselves to fraud and anti-money laundering. Millions are lost each year when these processes are inefficient or not thorough enough to combat the dangers lurking within the finance world.

Beyond 2GoCash’s secure identity verification processes, we also protect financial services providers with PEP and sanctions checks, adverse media screenings, and ongoing monitoring of possible bad actors to keep these businesses and their customers safe. This coverage is routinely updated in real-time and creates more confidence in any business’s KYC process. Additionally, our secure screening process helps assess the potential AML risk exposure. This shows regulators that we take financial crime and compliance seriously.


2GoCash provides the modern consumer with a fast, secure, seamless and easily accessible online experience from anywhere in the world. We understand that for a business to retain customers digitally, they must provide a seamless customer experience . This is why we have carefully outlined our services to meet the needs of every single customer both home and abroad, migrant and immigrant.

Enter 2GoCash. With accurate, automated decision-making, 2GoCash halts bad actors from exploiting any form of financial services and makes it accessible to customers all over the globe.

2GoCash is a Financial Technology Company offering a simplified, borderless and secured financial solutions to Africans and immigrants.

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